Hey, we are Jonathan + Taylor!
Photo taken by Kaylee Kepple

First things first, right off the bat, we want to know that we will be the right fit! We want to ensure you that you’ll never feel like you’re back in time taking those awkward high school prom pictures. We prompt and guide you through the whole process. We just as much as you want to look back at your photos and see the real, raw, and intimate love. We find our joy in capturing your most comfortable moments with one another. When you pull each other in close, run around in a beautiful field, and laugh at each other’s biggest joke. As we like to call it, the “in between moments”, where you are laughing, crying, and lighting up from the inside out. We LOVE that.

We don’t like to call ourselves traditional, although we do appreciate big, elegant weddings. We are drawn to intimacy and seclusion. We want to capture couples barefoot on their wedding day, on a private island, or on the top of a glacier sharing their most precious words to each other. We could even share vows over a box of pizza and some beer, no pressure, just the person you love the most. To us, commonly in American culture weddings have somewhat lost their value. The real point of marriage seems to often be forgotten. Brides are so overwhelmed with décor and pleasing guests, forgetting that this is one of the most important days of their life, not a production. We try to instill that your wedding isn’t about others expectations, but your own. Eloping is special; there is nothing wrong with it being just the two of you. No guilt that you didn’t do YOUR day the same way as everyone else. This day is all about your love! We want to inspire you to follow your dream of exchanging your vows in a sentimental location and we will support you and make this exceptional every step of the way.

Ultimately, we promise to be your cheerleaders on the sidelines, just with a few cameras! You will be so caught up in your love, no distractions, that you will almost forget we are there. We are here to be your friends, your tour guides, and your hiking partners up to that magical location, and maybe snap a few pictures along the ride! We truly want to provide everything you’re hoping for to remember such a special time. We believe marriage is such a beautiful thing that was created for us; we remember the importance of doing life together the way it was intended to be. We are passionate and care so deeply about capturing the special promises made and the beginning of your infinite adventure. Our goal is to capture your story as beautiful as it was in the moment. We want to capture your pure beauty, in a single photo.

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